Responsible Gaming Policy in BC Game Casino Vietnam

Online gambling is a popular form of entertainment that allows Vietnamese players to have a pleasant time on the Internet or even earn some money if they’re lucky enough. However, some users make casino games their main source of income and have high hopes for them. This leads to reckless bets, large financial losses, and problems with both mental and physical health.

The BC Game Casino strongly recommends you to be a responsible player. Despite the fact that gambling is accessible in a couple of clicks from any place where there’s an Internet connection, you must set boundaries. Be sure to play with the money that you can afford to lose and take frequent breaks between gaming sessions.

Casino BC Game strongly encourages you to be a responsible player and comply with the Responsible Gambling Policy

What Is Ludomania?

Gaming addiction, also known as ludomania, is a mental disorder. It’s characterized by an irresistible desire to place real money bets. Addicted players lose control over their actions and continue to participate in casino games ignoring the negative consequences. As a result, they risk their social and financial well-being, personal relationships, and health just for the sake of gambling.

Basic Rules of Safe Gambling

Firstly, minors aren’t allowed to participate in any form of gambling. This rule works in all reliable online casinos. Most of them require a new player to undergo the verification procedure in order to determine their exact age. If it turns out that a gambler under the age of 18 owns the account, it will be blocked immediately.

Secondly, it’s necessary to rest. End a game session after a series of failures. This will help you recover, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a more effective strategy.

Thirdly, don’t play if you’re drunk, and avoid gaming sessions under stress, or depression. Although gambling is a form of entertainment, it requires deliberate decisions. Betting on emotions may cause financial losses and even greater deterioration of your mental state.

How to Play Responsibly?

Every user has a chance to play responsibly without any serious effort. Follow the recommendations below for more control over your gaming behavior:

  • Don’t make gambling a way to make money. The outcomes of casino games are unpredictable, so it’s impossible to have a stable income from this;
  • Solve your financial problems on your own rather than waiting for winnings to cover all your debts instantly;
  • Set the maximum amount you can lose. As soon as you reach the limit, stop playing;
  • Never play with money that is intended for everyday expenses (food, communal services, rent, etc.);
  • Don’t try to make up for losses with new bets;
  • Play only in your free time and don’t devote the whole day to gambling;
  • Treat gambling as your hobby. Place bets to have fun or relax, not to benefit from it;
  • Don’t make gambling the center of your life. Remember about your duties (work, study, chores, etc.) and maintain good relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Test to Identify Ludomania

If you’re not sure if you have a gaming addiction or not, take a simple test consisting of 20 questions. Answer «yes» or «no» only:

  • Have you noticed that you’re spending more and more time gambling?
  • Is your reputation in society worsening?
  • Have your relationships with your loved ones deteriorated because of your hobby?
  • Do you often feel ashamed after playing at the casino?
  • Have you ever tried to solve your financial difficulties by placing money bets?
  • Has your work activity decreased recently?
  • Have you ever tried to win back your losses with new bets?
  • Do you keep betting after you win to get even more money?
  • Do you play until you spend your entire bankroll?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to place bets?
  • Have you sold your personal property to finance gambling?
  • Do you forbid yourself to use «gambling money» on ordinary expenses?
  • Have you become careless about your well-being or the well-being of your family?
  • Do you often exceed the time limit and play at the Casino longer than planned?
  • Do you use gambling as a way to escape anxiety and other personal problems?
  • Have you ever committed illegal actions to get money for gambling?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping because of your hobby?
  • Do you play at the casino when you are upset so that you feel better?
  • Do you gamble to celebrate some joyful event in your life?
  • Have you ever planned to commit self-harm or suicide due to failures at an online casino?

Seven or more positive answers indicate that you have problems. We recommend you seek professional help to avoid the development of addiction.

BC Game Protective Measures

The BC Game support team is ready to help problem players 24/7. Moreover, the website is equipped with various protection tools to reduce the risk of ludomania among the audience:

  • Self-exclusion option. This is a measure to control gambling habits that allows you to temporarily or permanently block your account at the casino. To turn on the function, write to the customer support service;
  • Link to websites of qualified assistance organizations. If necessary, you can get access to free information materials or contact real specialists (psychologists, lawyers, financiers, etc.);
  • Various ways to contact customer support. Send a request via live chat, email, or social networks. Real operators will respond within a few minutes. Attach the files (screenshots or documents) for a more detailed description of your problem.

Professional Assistance

The BC Game team understands the importance of supporting and protecting players who face the negative consequences of gambling. For this reason, the Casino cooperates with several qualified organizations to help addicted players.

If you have problems controlling your actions/bankroll/time or just want to want to avoid ludomania, ask for help here:

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