Terms and Conditions of the BC Game in Vietnam

The current Terms of Service must be read by a new player strictly before registration on the BC Game website. Please note that once you create an account in the system, you automatically agree to comply with all provisions of the contract. In case of disputes or misunderstandings, the User Agreement can be used as a basis for conflict resolution.

BC Games Terms and Conditions Overview

Access to Gambling Services

A registered player is provided with personal and a non-transferable right to use the services of the BC Game Casino via their computer, smartphone, or any other device connected to the Internet.

In accordance with the law, only players over 18 years old can use the services legally. Access to the site is prohibited for underage users and residents of jurisdictions where gambling is illegal. If you place bets from one of such countries, you’re responsible for possible consequences.

Risks and Guarantees

BC Game, just like any other gambling website, doesn’t guarantee winnings. All casino games, including slots, roulettes, poker, and so forth, are based on random number generators (RNGs). The outcomes of the gaming sessions can’t be predicted.

By deciding to participate in casino games for real money, you should be aware of the possible risks associated with this type of entertainment. There may be successful rounds with winnings and sessions with financial losses as well. Make sure you are ready to manage your bankroll wisely and play responsibly.

Players’ Responsibilities

If you register at the BC Game Casino and use its gambling services, you guarantee that you:

  • Are over 18 years old;
  • Don’t have duplicate accounts on the website;
  • Participate in gambling only for entertainment purposes;
  • Are playing on your own behalf and don’t impersonate another player;
  • Provide the administration with reliable information about yourself and undertake to notify them of any changes in passport or financial data immediately;
  • Are responsible for paying taxes on winnings, if such taxes are established in your jurisdiction;
  • Understand the risks associated with betting;
  • Play fair and don’t use fraudulent software to cheat the Casino;
  • Understand that the cost of any virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, and others can change dramatically;
  • Use only those payment methods that are registered in your name;
  • Will not transfer or sell your login information to third parties.

Remember that you are in a society, even if it’s a virtual one. Be polite to other players and Casino representatives and avoid rudeness and insults towards them.

Rights of the Casino

The BC Game Casino has the right to limit players’ bets. If you don’t have enough money on the gaming balance, you won’t be able to place a bet.

The system withholds payments from users who are suspected of carrying out fraudulent activities on the site. This includes money laundering, financing of terrorism, and other forms of online fraud. Moreover, formal charges will be brought against persons whose participation in criminal activities on the website has been proven.

If the administration notices suspicious activity on the account, they may require detailed verification of the owner’s identity. Only after successful identification, the player will have a chance to perform payments through this profile.

Bonuses and Promotions

The Casino offers various promotions for active Vietnamese players. To participate in a bonus program, it’s enough to register and make a deposit (sometimes).

The following rules apply to the BC Game bonus program:

  • Any offer can be canceled if a player is suspected of intentionally abusing bonuses in order to gain additional benefits;
  • To withdraw the bonus money, you must meet wagering requirements first;
  • The administration of the Casino has a right to edit and change the terms of the promotions as well as to cancel them;
  • One bonus can be activated once.

The operator tracks players’ activity on the website. If it turns out that the bonus has been activated several times from the same IP address, all player accounts will be blocked for fraud permanently.

Betting Rules

To make a bet at BC Game Casino, players must:

  • Pass the registration procedure and log in;
  • Be connected to the Internet;
  • Have enough money on the gaming balance;
  • Be of legal age.

The list of all available bets, their status, and other details are published on the official website. You’ll receive winnings only after the announcement of round results.

Invalid Bets

There are 6 circumstances due to which the Casino cancels players’ bets on the website:

  • Bettor directly or indirectly influenced the outcome of the gaming round;
  • It has been proven that the user is associated with fraudulent groups that are illegally trying to gain an advantage at the Casino;
  • Results of the previous rounds were influenced by players’ criminal activity;
  • Bets were accepted automatically when technical problems arose on the site;
  • Bets were offered, accepted, and placed due to the force majeure circumstances (typo, technical error, etc.);
  • The player’s balance is insufficient.

Prohibited Jurisdictions

Gambling is illegal in many countries of the world. Players from these jurisdictions are prohibited from using the services of the website:

  • Aruba;
  • Bonaire;
  • Curacao;
  • Costa Rica;
  • France;
  • The Netherlands;
  • Saba;
  • Statia;
  • St Martin;
  • The USA.

Any attempts to circumvent the restrictions and access the site using VPN services and other software will be regarded as a violation of the current User Agreement. In the end, such gaming behavior is likely to lead to permanent account blocking.

Resolution of Disputes

To file a complaint or solve any problems related to the gambling website, write to customer support. You can contact the operator in a live chat, via email ([email protected]), or on social networks. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you have the right to appeal the court’s decision.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions

The administration of BC Game Casino can edit the current Terms of Service at any time. Once a new document is published on the site, it automatically takes effect. The audience will be notified of any changes immediately. We recommend you leave the gambling website if you disagree with some provisions or the whole document.

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